A Specialty Insurance Company Built on Experience

Upland Capital was founded on the principle that familiarity breeds success. Each person on our executive team is a highly regarded expert at his or her own function, but they all have deep knowledge and experience in the specialty insurance space and with each other.

Our leaders have all worked together on other endeavors and developed a high level of respect for each other. Some have known and worked with others for decades, while it’s only been a few years for others, but they all share one thing: mutual trust.

We want to share that trust experience with all of our constituents—employees, reinsurers, and vendors—to solve our policyholder and agent customers risk management challenges.

A culture of “we entrepreneurs”

At Upland Capital Group, we take pride in the work atmosphere we cultivate. We believe that building a strong team of “we entrepreneurs” and letting them work their magic sets us up as a company, and as individuals, for long-term success.

What is a “we entrepreneur”? We’re glad you asked. We entrepreneurs combine the best of individual freedom with the benefits that come when working as a team. Not every style works for everyone, so we encourage our folks to blaze their own trails. Our job as a company is to clear away any roadblocks in the way of them doing what they do best: their jobs. As long as they do that, we’ll handle the rest. We wholeheartedly believe work should be fun so we do our best to set the stage.

And no matter how our employees do their jobs, we can guarantee one thing: each person you interact with at Upland Capital Group wants to develop a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship with you. Our priorities will always be responsiveness, transparency, and doing whatever we can to make your job easier.

Our Leadership Team