Time-honored core values

+ Modern problem-solving

= Peace-of-mind security

We are the best of both specialty insurance worlds. We combine the people-focused values of traditional companies with the innovative problem-solving of a start-up.  Legacy cultures, processes, and technologies don’t weigh us down. That way we can respond to our distribution clients effectively.

And our “we entrepreneur” culture celebrates each individual’s own approach to their jobs with the shared knowledge and support that comes with being a part of a team.

Specialty Insurance Services

Excess Transportation Liability 

Trucks and vans, big and small, roll to keep our economy going and they need insurance.

Upland’s underwriters possess the expertise, experience, and customer service commitment to provide excess transportation insurance solutions to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

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Excess Public Entity

We rely on public schools, municipalities, utilities, and other services to live our lives every day.

Upland’s underwriters know these entities inside and out and offer the insurance products that will keep them running smoothly.

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Excess Casualty

The hospitality, equipment rental, agriculture, and building maintenance industries, among others, are important industries to our economy and people’s lives.

Upland Capital Group’s seasoned team of Excess Casualty underwriters are the most responsive in the business, have decades of experience and are equipped with Upland Capital’s state-of-the-art support technology to deliver the solutions you need.

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Casualty Construction Non-NY

Contractors – commercial, industrial, residential and specialty – are charged with building our communities from the ground up.

Ask our expert team of Casualty Construction underwriters for help on your hard-to-place general contractors, subcontractors, and construction managers in any state outside of New York. We will provide the right excess insurance option to fit your individual needs.

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Specialty Casualty (Primary and Supported Excess)

Manufacturing and distribution, machine shops, commercial Real estate, railroad products – you name it, we probably offer coverage for it. 

Our underwriters know the lay of the specialty casualty land better than anyone and are committed to provide the solutions you need. 

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Please contact Upland Specialty Insurance Company (an Upland Capital Group company) to report a claim. We will be happy to help you navigate the process as seamlessly as possible. You have several options to report your claim:

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Built with focus

Upland Capital Group’s mission is to build a great company where “we entrepreneurs” can master their underwriting craft. To succeed…

  • We will always seek to “do the right thing, in the right way.”
  • Our underwriters have the experience, expertise, and customer service drive to deliver excellent execution for our distribution customers.
  • Upland platform is built to deliver responsive, flexible support across underwriting cycles
  • We will seek to earn consistent, attractive returns on the over $200 million equity investment committed by our investors & executive management.

Upland Capital Group combines old and new—the reliability of a seasoned team with the freedom of an emerging firm — to achieve long-term success.

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Upland Capital Group combines a rich history of specialty insurance knowledge with deep relationships with our customers to make sure everyone comes out a winner.